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Though Bar­ba­dos is but a small island, it is wrought with his­tory, from its orig­i­nal inhab­i­tants, to col­o­niza­tion and piracy, to its excit­ing strug­gle for equal rights and inde­pen­dence, to indus­tri­al­iza­tion and cul­ture. There are many inter­est­ing places that doc­u­ment the his­tory of the island and its peo­ple and locals and vis­i­tors alike should take the oppor­tu­nity to learn more about Bar­ba­dos, and what makes this island so unique. Muse­ums are a great place to start, pro­vid­ing engag­ing, fun & inter­ac­tive infor­ma­tion for the old­est to the lit­tlest minds.

Farley Hill Park


Arling­ton House Museum: Located in the heart of Speight­stown, St. Peter, this Museum has three floors of exhibits, each floor with a dif­fer­ent theme. In addi­tion to the house being of archi­tec­tural inter­est, the Museum has many inter­ac­tive fea­tures that make this a fun and edu­ca­tional visit for the whole fam­ily. Read More

IMG 1322.JPGBarbados Museum copyBar­ba­dos Museum & His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety: Gar­ri­son Savan­nah, St. Michael
The Bar­ba­dos Museum and His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety is housed in the his­toric build­ings of the for­mer British Mil­i­tary Prison at St Ann’s. The prison is one of only twelve such pris­ons con­structed any­where in the British Empire and as such it is unique to the region.

Parliament building The Bar­ba­dos National Heroes Gallery and Museum of Par­lia­ment: Bridgetown
Enter these inter­ac­tive muse­ums and dis­cover the his­tory of Bar­ba­dos’ Par­lia­ment and the con­tri­bu­tions made to Bar­ba­dos by ten of the island’s most out­stand­ing national heroes. Read More

Concorde The Con­corde Expe­ri­ence: This hi-​tech museum high­lights the tech­no­log­i­cal won­der of British Air­ways Con­corde G-​BOAE. There are sev­eral zones within this museum that give fur­ther insight into this avi­a­tion won­der, with tid­bits and lit­tle known facts about fly­ing and air­crafts. Read More

George Washington House Wash­ing­ton House: Bush Hill, St. Michael
This for­mer plan­ta­tion house, was once res­i­dence of the United States’ first Pres­i­dent, George Wash­ing­ton in 1751. Bar­ba­dos was the only coun­try Wash­ing­ton ever vis­ited out­side colo­nial Amer­ica. Expe­ri­ence a guided tour, short film and inter­ac­tive museum high­light­ing Bar­ba­dos’ social, eco­nomic, and polit­i­cal con­di­tions of the 18th cen­tury, and how they influ­enced George Washington’s ideas.

Hut­son Sugar Museum: Port­vale Sugar Fac­tory , St. James
High­light­ing the islands sweet­est trea­sure, this museum, show­cases the sugar indus­try in Bar­ba­dos through the 1700’s and 1800’s.

The Bridgetown Syn­a­gogue (The Nidhe Israel Jew­ish Museum): Bridgetown
Said to be the first syn­a­gogue built in the West­ern Hemi­sphere and built by Jew­ish immi­grants from Recife, Brazil who were flee­ing from harsh Dutch treat­ment in Brazil. The museum traces the Jew­ish her­itage of Bar­ba­dos dat­ing back to 1628.

Spring­vale Eco-​Heritage Museum: Scot­land Dis­trict, St. Andrew
Take a step back in time on this delight­fully tran­quil prop­erty, enter the museum and enjoy the tales of a younger Bar­ba­dos as told by the muse­ums’ elderly owner Mr. New­lands Greenidge. Read More

St Nicholas Abbey St. Nicholas Abbey: Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter
Built in 1658, St. Nicholas Abbey is one of ONLY three gen­uine Jacobean man­sions in the West­ern Hemi­sphere. Bar­ba­dos is home to two of these man­sions, St. Nicholas Abbey and Drax Hall. Find beau­ti­fully land­scaped grounds, per­fectly pre­served build­ings, antiques, a rum dis­tillery and the incred­i­ble view atop Cherry Tree Hill.

Sunbury Plantation Plan­ta­tion House: St Philip
This beau­ti­fully restored old great house is more than 300 years old. A tour through this great house is a vir­tual step back in time. Sun­bury is home to the largest col­lec­tion of antique horse-​drawn car­riages in the Caribbean as well as antique fur­ni­ture, sil­ver and more.

Tyrol Cot Her­itage Vil­lage: Codring­ton Vil­lage. St. Michael
Tyrol Cot was once the fam­ily home of, Sir Grant­ley Adams (Bar­ba­dos’ first pre­mier and the only Prime Min­is­ter of the Fed­er­a­tion of the West Indies) and his son (sec­ond Prime Min­is­ter of Bar­ba­dos) the late J.M.G.M. “Tom” Adams. The prop­erty now houses a his­toric Palladian-​style house, and a mod­ern “Her­itage Chat­tel House Vil­lage” with local crafts and a restaurant.

Sight­see­ing Bar­ba­dos UNESCO Her­itage Locations
Arling­ton House Museum National Heroes Gallery
Spring­vale Eco­Her­itage Museum Bar­ba­dos Con­corde Experience
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