Bar­ba­dos … For Adventure

If you enjoy fan­tas­tic expe­ri­ences and thrive on out­door adven­ture then Bar­ba­dos may very well be your very own fan­tasy Island. Dive to sunken ships at some of the Caribbean’s best dive sites just off the islands coast! Surf the Soup bowl, rated in the top 5 places to surf by some of the world’s best surfers in the world. Snorkel along the shore­line on miles of crys­tal clear pic­ture per­fect beaches. Hike the islands rugged inte­rior or nature trails to find coves and nooks that are wait­ing to be explored. Crawl… (yes crawl) through hid­den caves, soar over tree­tops, and travel in open air adven­tures on the lit­tle used back roads of Barbados.

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Horse­back rid­ing, deep-​sea big game fish­ing, bik­ing, kite surf­ing, snor­kel­ing, Find a pri­vate cove for a swim … Grab a friend and JUST Go! Take your pick and let the adven­ture begin.

For adven­tur­ers
  • Dive the shal­low reefs or advanced divers can head out to the SS Stavronika to find Nemo, to say hi to a par­rot­fish, or hide from a barracuda.
  • Rent a jet ski and feel the adren­a­line rush as you blast across the ocean full throttle.
  • Join up with the aggres­sive “Grin & Bear” National Trust hik­ers for a free 1214 mile Sun­day trek across rugged Barbados.
  • Char­ter a boat and fight to catch a whop­ping Blue Marlin.
  • Try the zip line adven­ture, ATV or Island Safari, or all three.
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