Bar­ba­dos Rum & Rum Shops

The Watering hole rum shop 1600x1200 5333910381 d0fe7e0d90Look­ing for a rum shop ? Well they are lit­er­ally around every cor­ner on the island. There are all sorts of rum shops all over Bar­ba­dos. Depend­ing on how you define a rum shop, there are from 1,000 to 12,000 scat­tered across the island. They include vil­lage shops that pro­vide every­thing — gro­ceries, bread, pro­vi­sions — and are a local meet­ing place with rum and domi­noes to while the hours away with good friends and talk.

At the high end there are din­ers, cafés and even restau­rants that feel like rum shops. Like Cut­ters, just past The Crane, for exam­ple. It has an open bar, enter­tain­ment and tra­di­tional ham, cheese and fish cut­ters along with sal­ads and roast beef din­ners. The ambi­ence of the chat­tel house diner is very much like a rum shop.

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